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Protective face mask made of bamboo viscose with silver ions

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The mask is made of bamboo yarn, covered with ions of silver. Thanks to that, it has antibacterial
properties and protects upper respiratory tract from bacteria, dust, smog, fungus and plant pollen.
Information about the product:

  • - size: length - 12.5 cm x width - 18 cm (+/- 1 cm)
  • - material: bamboo viscose yarn with ions of silver
  • - knitwear made of double-right weave to filter air in the most effective way
  • - clamp in the nose area in order to fit the mask to the face
  • - clamp placed inside the material for a great usage comfort
  • - ions of silver lasting up to 40 washes
  • - the mask is not sterile
Properties of the bamboo viscose yarn:
  • - Hygroscopic – it absorbs water drops in a significantly more effective way than cotton
  • - thermoregulatory – that's strictly connected to the hygroscopic bamboo properties.
The bamboo yarn itself doesn't heat or cool the skin. During summer it's wicking moisture and sweats from the body, giving it a cooling feeling, while in winter it again absorbs moisture, isolating the skin and heating it.
- nice in touch - perfect for sensitive skin

The mask does not guarantee 100% efficiency against viruses and bacteria, but it does reduce the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract.