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Suspender tights Valery 60 DEN

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This graceful model Valery is an extremely interesting imitation of thick stockings worn with a garter belt in the form of pantyhose. The black, opaque bottom makes the legs look nice and slender, while the fine tulle enveloping the legs in the top is a symbol of femininity. This product is the best choice for women who value everyday comfort and style. The tights are designed according to the latest trends, where the combination of stockings and a mini skirt or dress is an absolute hit. Available in 3 sizes.

84% polyamide, 14% elastane, 1% cotton

size 2-S 3 sts 4-L
Height 158-164 164-170 170-176
hip circumference (cm) 88-96 96-100 100-104

Brand: Gabrielle